Little late, but returning to Kosovo

Before I go on to my recent adventures in Florence and Rome.

I realized I should finish up with Kosovo. As I thought before I left, Kosovo is truly very Albanian, and I cannot possibly see an independent future for them.


However it does not look as war torn as I would have expected, in fact it is quite beautiful and the best part about it is how everything is so cheap!


Us students went to lunch alone and a few of us ordered large fries (seriously, they gave us a bowl almost a foot in diameter full) and a burger…which also apparently came with a side of fries…. total cost: 2 euros. Yes that’s right cheaper than McDonalds, and it tasted much better. Only problem was we all only had 50 bills and they laughed and had to run around to find the change.


Also another adventure in the food, there is a restaurant called Tiffany’s and if for some reason you ever travel to Prishtina, GO THERE. It was about 10 euros per person, but this included a large salad filled with fresh vegetables. Including beets and chick peas. Then bread, some rice and three main dishes, all veal but cooked differently. One was plain veal, the next, veal cooked in some sweet bread covered with sour cream and third the veal was cooked in some sort of curry, overall it was the best meal I have ever had.


Anyway here are some photos for all you, all are my own, so please if wishing to use them just let me know first.


 This is the statue of Skanderberg, located in front of the Parliament building in Prishtina. Skanderberg is the foundation myth of Albania. His family crest is what is shown on the Albanian flag.


 An unfinished/destroyed building on the drive to Pec. There were many unfinished construction projects throughout the country, but not as many destroyed from bombing. Though signs of war did show up more often while driving to Pec.


 The view of the NATO Italian base. The base is primarily Italian but also with Austrian forces. The scenery here was very different than north in Prishtina, where it was mainly flat.

 This is the Serbian monastery in Pec. It is from the 14th century and has always been occupied by the Serbian Orthodox monks. Currently it is in the middle of a Land dispute between Kosovo government, and is often harrassed by Albanians. It is protected by the Italian NATO KFOR

 Outside of Prishtina there are two main power plants, right next too eachother, blowing the smoke straight to the city. They run off Lignite, a very low quality coal.

Many mosques are seen abandoned throughout the city of Prishtina, this is one such.


What do you think?

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