Looters’ Tunnels Dot Egyptian Landscape

Looters’ Tunnels Dot Egyptian Landscape.

It completely amazes me that there is absolutely no security. Seriously Egypt needs to protect it’s cultural heritage more than most. Not only is it Egypt’s history, but the Ancient Egyptians are said to be the creators of “culture”, it is everyones history. The fact that people can get away with this, and that no one goes after them to make sure an entire inventory of artifacts is recovered is disgusting.

This is also why I believe UNESCO needs to actually do something, rather than just be an important name to put on a sign. The term world heritage site sounds nice, and technically means it is protected, but not really. If it is a true important cultural heritage site it needs to be monitored and protected.  There are hundreds of world heritage sites but not all need a level of protection.

For example Villa Borghese here in Rome is technically a World Heritage Site, that is very different to the Pyramids of Giza. If a site is at risk it needs to be protected.

Looting cannot continue, especially at sites such as this.

What do you think?

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