On to Kosovo… aka why I cannot be an IR major

Though I am actually in Rome I have finally decided to  leave my happy (well alright Romans are actually quite negative and the little old ladies are so mean) city and go to… EASTERN EUROPE.

Scary thought I just hope no Taken incident happens because Daddio would probably say I was already dead and not come find me.


So off to Kosovo I go on Thursday. Now I never knew Kosovo was a country till about a month ago. In fact I didn’t know what the Balkans were and still referred to Yugoslavia… big deal when I finally figured out all this was wrong.So since I am taking this for credit I suppose I have to learn everything.


CONCLUSION: What. The. Hell. No, nothing about the formation of this country makes any sense.



I suppose the hardest thing for me to deal with is also that I do not see either side as a “good guy” after the readings we have been given. In a way I think we are raised and taught that the Serbs are bad because they ran around raping and massacring, throughout areas of former Yugoslavia. But Albanians were no better, they were absolutely horrid to any Serbian, the Serbians were a minority and they bullied them just as much, telling them to leave and burning down absolutely beautiful historical pieces. I personally believe no matter what consequences you do not touch on someones places of faith especially when they hold historical significance. Also there have been rumors of the Albanian sex, organ and drug trades (I specify rumors because no evidence but they come from the Hague.). NATO also never acted very well, they bombed without truly considering what they were bombing just trying to run Serbia out, but is that right of them? First of all their bombing ended up killing many civilians and more Albanians then Serbs. Second, in comparing it to other land dispute areas it seems ridiculous. They bombed to keep Serbia, a minority population, though powerful one, out. They could have gone about that in a much nicer way that didn’t destroy so much. Israel bombs the Palestinian lands often, but NATO would not bomb them to stay out, Issues occurred time after time in Sudan and there was never action. Situations occur like this everyday. It was not the Albanians or Kosovars they were looking out for it was themselves. Also after placing UN troops in an even larger sex trade market was opened( again rumors but coming from numerous sources, including many Albanians and Serbians living there at the time.) . There is no good person in this situation. Serbia by faith should be allowed into the land with no question, insult or hostility. Albanians should be allowed to live in Kosovo, but so should Serbians and anyone else who pleases.

 In a way it is so very different from Palestine/Israel, because in Palestine both cultures feel strongly to the land because of their faith connection to it. Though you can argue Israelis were there first, that is a silly argument because so were Christians and Muslims, any religion stemming from the old testament and old prophets come from this land. Also this land was handed over to the Israelis by the British. The British had no right to the land to begin with and it was not theirs to give.  Therefore Palestinians still should be allowed their land. In Kosovo it is different, it was a general ground to begin with, it belonged to the Dardanians and other tribes. But alright so what, Rome belonged to the Romans, whose descendants now live everywhere technically does this really mean they should all get together and kick other Italians out, no. America belonged to the Native Americans, look what happened there. So there is no way to say the Albanians are all from these tribes and the Serbs are not, and even if so, why should it matter, that was thousands of years ago. Moving into recent history the Serbs did for the most part control it as well as Albanian influence on their borders, but these two people fought together and were fine. The Ottoman Empire might have screwed it up but then they owned the land, this just continues. So in reality no one originally owned this small land, it was shared, under the Ottomans the Albanians were favored, but the Serbs already had churches there. The biggest struggle in this is if they shared the land and both have such roots in it why can they not get over it and become KOSOVO. Not Albanian Kosovo, but Kosovo, a separate country that can be run by Albanians, Serbs, Croatians, Montenegrin s, whatever they may call themselves, as long as they are Kosovo citizens.

Being American this makes so much sense to me, I have friends who are French, South American, Mexican, Polish, English, Arab, Korean and I myself claim Irish, yet we are all American. We first say America, then if others are interested we share what we claim ourselves to be and share our traditions together, not condescending someone for it. Why can’t Kosovo forget anything to do with Albania and become what they really fought for which is Kosovo.




But maybe I am just not an International Relations student and that is why this doesn’t seem right, so thank God half the class is on archaeology and medieval churches, that I can understand.


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  1. Plenty of good examples here of why nationalism, which is in itself an extended form of tribalism, is such an outdated concept in modern times. There are so many people that believe that because they come from this place or a part of that group that they should be and deserve to be separate from everyone else.

    Granted, I can’t begin to imagine the history that most of them went through. But every population has a history. That doesn’t mean they can just pretend like the rest of the world as it is doesn’t exist around them.

    In most Western states, I’m not necessarily saying we have it entirely right either, but it’s on its way. And it’s much better off than these ultra-tribalistic mindsets. Doesn’t necessarily mean let go of your people’s past, but it certainly shouldn’t be the only determiner in their future.


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