If you are ever feeling horrible

Just Remember Goya lived through much worse than you, and though he ended up dying alone in a house filled with dark painting, at least he lived on.

Francisco de Goya lived from 1746 to 1828, spending only a short time of his life outside of Spain, when he traveled to Italy. He was rejected from the Royal Academy of Fine Art, then later became the Official Court Painter under Charles IV. He was most often commisioned for portraits, but his most well known pieces are not. Such as his Majas, His Disasters of War, Third of May 1808 and the Black Paintings.


Clothed Maja 1798


The Parasol 1777

If you look closer at Goyas work it is clear to see a decline in his joy.


Witches in Air 1798


Saturn Devouring His Son 1823

But it’s pretty obvious Goya would become this depressed after what he had lived through. First of all Goya lived through numerous wars, The American Revolution, The French Revolution, The Napoleonic Wars and even the beginning of the Spanish Indepedence War. These wars greatly impacted him, he published his prints the Disasters of War after losing hope when so much violence surrounded the world.

On top of international problems, Goya also suffered a terrible illness in 1792-1793, which, though he survived he was left deaf. This greatly impacted his work, he was angry and depressed, following this illness some even say his work became silent.

In 1812 his wife died. Together they had 8 children and only one survived.

All these things lead to Goya having an incredibly bleak outlook on humanity, leading to the dark paintings he created in his later years.


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