An Afternoon in Rome

To take a break from studying I adventured with a friend who writes for Bronx Little Italy to check out some food around Rome.

She wanted to try the drink known as “the Bronx” so we started the day early with some drinks in Trastevere, I also had been wanting to try the famed aperitivo drink spritz. Both are bright orange, so I was pretty  exciting, seeing as for some reason I believe the brighter color it is the better it will taste. WRONG. They were both horrible. A Bronx consists of Vermouth, Red Vermouth and Gin, along with a tiny bit of orange juice. It was the most alcoholic thing I had ever tasted and I could barely choke down one tiny sip. The spritz tasted like watered down beer with a slight side taste that was not to nice. We left both after only a few sips (Sorry random bar in Trastevere!)Image


Some street art we found on the walk!

We moved on to the center, next on our list was to try some new pasta dishes. and check out the Pantheon. Unfortunatly full tourist season has begun in Rome. Meaning prices are up, streets are full, and there is an abundance of obnoxious British, American and Asian tour groups (I really do believe you are all wonderful people individually but I just can’t stand tour groups.) So getting any decent photo of the Pantheon was a lost cause.

We picked a small resturant a little out of the way to avoid expensive food, however the quality was still tourist resturant quality. We picked Amatriciana and Alfredo. Now if you do not know already, Fettucine Alfredo is not popular in Italy, in fact it’s not even really an italian dish, it’s near impossible to find it anywhere but the returant it was created at, Alfredos. So we thought we would give it a try, not bad but not overly exciting as you would expect. After living in Italy you grow so accustomed to the food our standards have really increased. Image

Final adventure on our list: Gelato, of course!

We went to Della Palma, a little away from the Pantheon. If you ever are in Rome I highly recommend it There are tons of flavors of Gelato, Mousse, and Frozen Yogurt, not to mention lots of candy! Now for when you buy gelato you can always get two to three flavors (unless at touristy ones where they rip you off and only give you one flavor). At a place like this I try to get a different set of exotic flavors everytime. For example, Mango, Cioccolato con Arancia, Fior di Latte, Kit Kat, Zuppa Inglese, Peanut Butter, Nesquick, Pistacchio, Creme Caramel, Irish Coffee etc. This time we went with Limoncello and Nocciola the classic Italian flavors.

But there were these four American tourists next to me, that ordered without even looking at all the flavors, just simply chocolate and peanut butter or chocolate and caramel. Please, Please,Please, if you vist some place like this, LIVE A LITTLE, you can get those flavors anywhere, try a little something new, might as well if your in Rome.  So if you ever visit a few notes. 1.Spritz aren’t that good, stick with wine unless your into weird flavored beers. 2. Please adventure on your own, don’t do a tour. 3.Stay as far away from big monuments as you can to get quality food. 4. LIVE IT UP AND TRY CRAZY FLAVORS. My Personal favorite mixes, For those against choclate: Fior di Latte, Mango, and Limoncello. Those who love choclate and rich flavors: Irish Coffee, Cioccolato Arancio and Crema.


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