The Night of Museums

Last night in Rome was the Night of Museums, where most museums stay open throughout the night, have free entrance, and most hold concerts or special exhibitions as well. I originally planned to visit Villa Giulia museum, or Palazzo Barberini. However Villa Giulia is very far away and Palazzo Barberini advertised a concert so I believed it was only the concert, not the actual museum.

So instead I went close to the Museum in Trastevere, I had no idea what to expect but on my way there I looked it up. It is mainly painting and photography museum, unfortunately the whole museum was not open, only their special exhibit. The exhibit was the World Press Photography winners, which you can see here. It is a collection of the best photojournalism pieces from the past year, ranging from all over the world dealing with all different stories. There is a section on animals, a section on sports, and a portrait section and then many deal with issues in Gaza, drug trafficking in South America, Gang Violence in Rochester NY, and ongoing struggles in Afghanistan and Syria.

Each photo has a piece next to it telling the photographer, where they are from, then a short paragraph about the issue the photos portray, and a caption further describing what is going on.

The center of the Museum was a small open park. Here they were setting up for a concert of some kind, there was a DJ and behind him they had video art ongoing which was very intriguing. At first it was colored lines then it moved on to slow motion people in some sort of party setting.

The World Press Photography exhibit is being shown around the world, so I highly recommend you see if it is showing near you and check it out!


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