A Day at the Pyramids

A Day at the Pyramids

Though the Pyramids were quite expensive it was decently worth it. Drivers can drop you off at the entrance but many stop earlier and you must pay for a carriage, camel, or horse, it is possible to walk around but with the wind and heat it’s to much work. Then one must pay to get into the grounds, as well as an extra payment to get into any of the Pyramids. I took a carriage, best option as it provided shade, and only went into the Great Pyramid. It is not the original tunnel into the Pyramid, but is still steep and long. Only one chamber is open and after the long climb it was very interesting to see. Even with the heat and expenses it was a good trip, with the best aspect being the camels. 🙂



    1. Overall, carriage and entrance and the great pyramid is the equivalent of 70 USD which I guess could be considered not to bad, but in context of Egyptian money it feels like a lot, especially to Egyptians. So i guess for the average tourist who is coming it is not that expensive, but for students, its up there.


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