Renewing your Permesso di Soggiorno

Yay! You’ve been in Italy awhile now and now your Permesso is about to expire lets go through this tedious process yet again….

First, don’t wait till your permesso expires, do it at least two months before; otherwise everyone will give you a hard time.

Step 1: Go to the Post Office and ask for a Rinnovo Permesso di Soggiorno, they will give you a beautiful huge envelope.

Step 2. Fill it out. Inside the envelope are a lot of papers, with instructions on which to fill out for what type of permesso, if you are good in Italian, go ahead and read the directions, otherwise take it to your school or friend and get some help. Basically you need to fill out the first page of the first packet with your address, mailing address, and some other basic info. Now onto the more annoying work.

Step 3: What else you need! You will now need to add to this envelope again copies of your visa, passport, a letter from the school saying you are still enrolled, as well as a copy of this letter. Then proof of having money, if you have lots in the bank a bank statement works, if you don’t take a photocopy of your credit/debit card (FRONT SIDE ONLY). I also sometimes throw in my financial aid award letter to be safe.  Then onto the big spending! Because you also need, renewing health insurance, and a tax stamp.

Step 4: Health Insurance. To do this you will need to go to your school and they will give you a form for which health insurance with an example of how to fill it out. You then have to take this to a post office; get a bill sheet of paper. These will be located on one of the tables in the Post Office, they are long rectangular sheets, with two identical small sections, than a longer section next them. Unfortunately I cannot find one, but your school will be able to tell you which one, or just ask someone at the post office. You will have the option to buy 6months or 1 year, I just do one year so I don’t have to do it twice and it is about 200E.

Step 5: Marche da Bollo. On top of the form you filled out in the envelope will be an empty box, you have to go to a Tabacchi, ask for a marche da bollo, pay 15E and take the sticker and put it in that box.

Step 6: ALMOST DONE! Take everything in the envelope back to the post office, they will check everything then you will have to pay another 30E. They will give you a receipt as well as a letter with a date for an appointment, which you will have to sign. DO NOT LOSE YOUR RECEIPT. Make copies and hold on to it. If you cannot make the appointment given to you, go back to your school ask if they can help reschedule. If they can awesome, if not you will have to just miss the appointment then as soon as possible after go all the way out to the Immigration Office and get a new appointment.

Step 7: Appointment! Now you will have to find this place all on your own….I recommend bringing an Italian speaking friend if you don’t speak or understand well. Be sure to be early just in case. Don’t take a taxi, that’s just silly. In Rome, you can take the metro to Rebbibia, and then the 437 bus goes straight there. Remember to bring your passport, receipt, original letter saying your appointment (if your appointment changed that letter as well) 4 photos, and probably copies. When you get there, there will be lines with military guys around them, go to that line say you have an appointment for whatever time, they will direct you to the correct line, you go through and it should all be the same from there!

You’ll then have to go back to your local questra to pick it up but there you have it! This is one of the most stressful aspects of living or studying in Italy, but having someone who’s done it before really helps, so try to make friends with your school student life or students who have been around for a while (and are hopefully legal).


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