Eating in Rome I

I often get many tourists asking me where they should go to eat here in Rome. The problem is in terms of real Italian restaurants I don’t know many that have really amazed me. All the food is good, but not jaw dropping amazing. Maybe it’s just I am so used to Italian food by now. The other issue is I am a student, I have a budget, so I probably haven’t been to the best ones around. But there are a few places I know and things tourists should know.

First, if you are looking for general areas check out Trastevere ( take the 8 tram, the H bus, or the 780 bus)  there are many general restaurants and bars so it is easy to spend an evening there. Same with Campo Dei Fiore, Again can be reached by the 8 tram. Both these places do have a number of touristy restaurants unfortunately but they are much better quality than the center. If you do get to Trastevere and feel like pizza Dar Poeta, and I recommend getting reservations.

Also during the summer, if you are in Rome, go down along the river, there is a summer festival which includes restaurants, bars, shisha, stores, games, and sometimes movies.

In general stick by a few rules, if a Margherita pizza is more that 6 Euros, that place is a rip off and probably not worth it. If pasta dishes are more that 8 Euros, definitely walk away.

Now in terms of other amazing places to eat, here are a few of my student budget, out of the way places.

A favorite Bar/Cafe of mine is Tornatore, it is on Odersi da Gubbio, Right next to Piazza Del Radio, you can get there by the 780 or 781 Bus.  This place is quite nice and has amazing food, from cornetto, to pastries and cakes, and even a lunch buffet that is fantastic! Breakfast here is always a treat, and if you have time the lunch is about 10 or 12 Euros, but includes two main dishes and a side, plus a fruit desert and a drink. For example you can get a pasta dish, with a rice stuffed tomato, plus baked potatoes and a fruit salad. All good sized portions, I can barely finish it all.  Their fruit tarts and bombas are also the best I have ever had.

Panino Place: I have two I am absolutely in love with, one is right by our school, on G. Carini, it is a bit out of the way but if you ever happen to be in Pamphili or Giancolense it is a nice lunch. It is known as Fratelli (though I really don’t know the actual name) on the corner of Carini and Bonnet. You can reach it by the 44 or 75 bus. This is just a simple alimentari, sandwiches range from 2 to 5 euros depending on how much you want on it.  But they have anything you want, and you can even ask for them to surprise you and they will make you the greatest sandwich ever, usually with their amazing spicy salami.

The second is Fame Nera, though I only think they are open at night, If you have been out partying in Trilussa, it’s worth the walk to go get a midnight burger or chicken sandwich craving. They are about 5E but will fill you up and are heavenly. Fame Nera is  on Franceso di Ripa and is just around the corner from Santa Maria in Trastevere.

That’s my first bit about places to eat, next I will find some more dinner restaurants! But if you are around the area definitely try these places!


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