Five places I want to Visit

Thirty Day Challenge: Day Five.

Five places you want to visit, this is going to be hard since I really want to see everywhere, but there’s nowhere I can think of I am absolutely dying to see. But I will try to think of my most recent interests.

1. Afghanistan, more specifically the Bamiyan Valley. Honestly I never gave Afghanistan a thought until this year after reading both the Kite Runner and Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. Both taking place in between Kabul and Peshawar (Pakistan) I found that I really didn’t know much about the layout of the area, but after hearing about the city and the environment it sounds amazing. I also think it would be very interesting to see the city, post-conflict. Looking at pictures the area really isn’t pop out at you beautiful but it does look calm and mainly the culture really interests me. Bamiyan Valley is mentioned in Thousand Splendid Suns and is where the giant Buddha was carved into rock, however this has been damaged by war I still think it is a very beautiful valley.

2.Cambodia, Angkor Wat. I would love to see the ruins of Angkor Wat as they seem to have not as many tourists and appear to still hold a lot of mystery being essentially untouched. But I have also seen a lot about Cambodia and think it is another place I would really love to experience, it always looks so busy but in a personal way. I think out of any Asian cultures this is the one I would most like to see.

3.Ireland. Since I was young my mother raised me very Irish, teaching my about Bobby Sands, Michael Collins, and Gerry Adams (we even went to see him speak). So I really need to see Ireland. I would love to really except for the weather I think it looks gorgeous and much of it doesn’t appear as urban as I am used to. The only reason I haven’t really visited is I am afraid I have this certain view of how the Irish are and how I imaging Ireland to be, and that when I do go, none of it will be true. But I have had friends study in Cork and they told me it was one of their favorite places in Europe, so I will have to check it out!

4. Petra, ever since I saw Indiana Jones I wanted to go here, I think it is one of the best sites in the world. Though there is not as much research on it, the path leading to Petra holds evidence of hundreds of years of in habitation and the the structure itself is so incredible.

5.Romania. Other than the typical Transylvania, which the castle does look quite interesting, I would really love to see Bucharest. I often see pictures of the architecture there and it just looks incredible. I also haven’t explored many places in Eastern Europe, so I would like to see more of it.



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