Mornings in Piazza Venezia (100th post!)

Mornings in Piazza Venezia (100th post!)

I took this the other day at the start of on of our on site classes, the light in Piazza Venezia is just beautiful and the morning is best because no one is there yet!

I also realized this is my 100th post! Woah I am pretty proud I have been able to keep up with this, and I find it so amazing how many of you read this! I have loved sharing my photos and adventures with you and hearing your feedback.
This semester has been a bit slower on getting photos and some informative pieces, my classes this year are not as interesting. But soon I will have more!




  1. I too love the Piazza Venezia in the early morning and also loved to wander the Forum )when it was still free) at sunrise. Just me and the ghosts of Rome…. It was spectacular, and hauntingly beautiful.


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