To the Teachers that changed my life.

Day Twenty Three: A letter to someone. Anyone. Alright I might have to do two…

To you, somewhere, up there or wherever you are,

I really miss you all the time. You still cross my mind daily, and those moments I forget something I hate myself for doing so. When I get mad or act stupid or do anything I know you might have disapproved of, I get even more angry wishing you were there to help me. I wish that I had more time to spend with you and get to know you even better. But for the short time, you really changed my life.  You changed and allowed me to at least try to see the good in people. I don’t like staying positive all the time, but when I think about you I know I can try harder. You loved everyone despite what background they came from, even despite how they acted. If you had never come into my life I don’t think I would have even given positivity and peace in my life a chance. I don’t think i could have ever loved life this much if you had never been a part of it. You brought together such an incredible group of kids and even though to be honest, we didn’t really all really enjoy each other, but we could agree when it came to you. We could put aside our anger when it came to you.  I wish I could see you again and catch up, I would love to tell you everything about my life now, I would love to sit out in the trailer and sew all day with you, laugh at all your stupid puns, and at your bad jokes.  I’d love to show you the life I have found, although I am pretty sure you are here with me. Little things pop up all around and I know you are actually still here. I am sure a little part of you has stuck with anyone who ever crossed your path.

One of the last times I saw you, you told us all that when something ends we must find something new to love, but never to stop. Although that is true, and I live everyday with that in mind, I think you’re the one love we can’t leave behind. You are truly irreplaceable, I hope one day to be even a fraction of how amazing and full of life you were. You are my one true hero.

I know you are happy wherever you are, but I really wish we all could have had more time with you, and that you could have touched even more lives than you already have.

And now my second,

To the second teacher that changed my life,

Thank you so much for forcing me to care, for refusing to give up on me, and for telling me when I had more work to do, but also when I had done well. Thank you for giving me all the opportunities I needed and for teaching me the truth, as well as so many things that made me appreciate life.

In sophomore year I thought you were just another annoying teacher forcing me to do stupid work that really wouldn’t matter in a few years and making me read stupid books that had no point. Of course I argued this in class (that part of me still has not changed), but the difference between you and other teachers was that you argued back, and of course were much smarter than me. From then on I realized your opinion was actually relevant and I looked for your advice in anything. If not for your stories of Italy, I don’t think I ever would have really had that final push to come here. Whenever I had a question or needed advice you were there to help. Taking Western Heritage with you was the best decision of my entire life. I use lessons of JB, the Alchemist, Sophie’s World and Dante everyday. You taught me to never stop learning, and to appreciate learning as a whole, no matter what form it came it.

I have never tried to hard to impress a teacher as I did you, and it was really good for me, I finally put effort and interest into my learning and into my work.

I thank you so much for pushing me throughout high school, without you I would not be here today, and I would probably still hate everything about school and learning. I now compare every teacher to you and I have yet to find one as good. I wish you could be with me throughout college and I miss having a teacher and a friend as close as you. I look forward to seeing you every time I visit and telling you all about what Italy has taught me.

I’ll see you in November.



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