Midterms Over, Break Time and Torino

Well our Fall break is finally beginning! I do not know if I will be able to keep up with the daily posts these next few days as I will be travelling to Torino! I am so excited, we will be visiting the Juventus Stadium as well as the Egyptian Museum. This is apparently the second best, and second largest collection of Egyptian artifacts, with British museums being the first and Cairo Museum being the third. It is basically home to all the artifacts Napoleon took out of Egypt which was then given to the Savoy family. I will post more about it when I return!

I have been doing some research and finding what food I should try up in Torino, apparently they are home to the largest street market in Europe! I will have to check that out!  Other than that I hear  agnolotti and hot chocolate are what I must try during my visit.

Has anyone else been to Torino, and know any good places to visit or dishes to try?

Well I will return soon with photos and stories to tell, hopefully involving running into Sebastion Giovinco or Fabio Quagliarella….


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