Torino was absolutely wonderful! It is the first city outside of Rome I have really loved. It was so different from Rome, much, much cleaner, less smokers, people were nicer, much more lively. It was also a very small city which was nice, everything was easy to reach. We also noticed rent was much, much cheaper with some apartments close to the center at 500 euros a month, which included one bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen, living room, and balcony, also furnished. You can believe you will never ever see that cheap in Rome. People were so nice, when we asked people on the street where we should eat, they were so kind asking what kind of food we were interested in, how far we wanted to go and then gave us a few options. The city was beautiful, I honestly do not know much about the history of it, other than it was the original capital of Italy. Was home to the King of Italy as well as the Savoy family. The palaces throughout the city as well as all the art and historic collections belonged to the Savoy Family.  Now the city is mainly owned by the Agnelli family, the owners of Fiat.

The feeling is very French, and much colder than Rome, but it was so nice to try something else out.


The end of my maracchino, I was too excited to take a picture of the before!

Torino is also apparently known for its chocolate, the coffee drink a Maracchino I had had in Rome, but in Torino, they apparently put either chocolate pudding or nutella at the bottom, it was delicious! There is also a drink known as a Bicerin, invented at the bar of the same name. It is about 2 inches pure melted chocolate, with espresso on top and then whipped cream. It is the best thing I have ever had in my life. For desert they have the usual Saccher Torte, which is chocolate usually also with Jam, or a cake similar to the American Toll House Pie.

Though Torino is home to Eataly and they do feel strongly about organic and healthy food, they did not have that many restaurants.It was hard to find one, then between the few options it was hard to find one not too fancy. Mostly Torino was filled with Cafe/Bars, then other than that there was a lot of fast food, not exactly pizzerias, but mainly Kebab, small sandwich stores, just small outlets, not really anywhere to grab a meal. Also pizza apparently is not a thing that North, because pizza was very Americanized in Torino, the crust was thicker, it was sliced and the flavor was different. The few places we could find were very local and had amazing food.

I do love the organic and healthy food movement aspect of Torino, I just wish there could be more restaurants to enjoy that movement!

On our trip we wandered the city and only were able to visit the Juventus Stadium and Egyptian Museum, both of which I will write a separate post for as there is a lot to say.

Another very good thing about Torino is that it is really off the tourist path, it is quiet and they didn’t seem used to as many non-Italian or French tourists. But if you are going to Italy I suggest you visit, we were told it is most beautiful in Summer. There are many museums, and the Olympic Stadium (second to the Juventus Stadium!)

I truly have never felt so in love with a city outside of Rome, I cannot wait to go back!


Signs on the metro, so cute!


Typical Architecture of the buildings, arches to walk under between the streets and the shops.




  1. Haha, if you figure it out you MUST post how you did it! I’m seriously marking up my list of places I want to go someday from these posts- it was already ten feet long, soon I’ll have to start putting them in categories- not that I mind that 🙂


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