Beautiful Rain and The Campagna Amica Food Market

Beautiful Rain and The Campagna Amica Food Market

Well, this photo has nothing to do with the market, other than being taken a few feet away, looking off at Circo Massimo. But it began to rain and the sunlight made it all sparkly that I thought I would share.

So what is the Campagna Amica Food Market?
Located just around the corner from Circo Massimo, at San Teodoro, it is the most local and freshest food market you can find in Rome. It follows the 0 km rule meaning everything has to come from Lazio, and no further. They have fruits and veggetables,bread, cheese, local beer and wine, pies and other baked goods, meat, and my favorite: olive oil and these sweet olive oil spreads.

The whole thing takes the space of one small warehouse, it is not very big but it is packed full of good things. It does happen to be a little more expensive than your usual bakery or fruit stand. In terms of fruit and vegetables though, most of what you pick up at a fruit stand will not be local but it will be cheap. Bread they make fresh at every bakery so really it does not matter. However, it is easier to get wheat bread at this market.

Most vendors offer samples, and are very helpful, though it can be busy and everyone will be jumping for the attention of the seller.

When I was there I bought an olive oil spread from Il Colle del Gusto (Full Name: Azienda Agricola Conti Santa Maria il Colle del Gusto). They had an amazing range of flavors, they have chocolate, nocciole (basically nutella with olive oil to make it spreadable rather than whatever they use) pistacchio, orange, and the one that i bought was MandorlaArancia, Almond Orange. These spreads are sweet  and so creamy, they are perfect. Though they are also highly addicting and I really need to go back to get some more….

If you are into agriculture and local food, you should absolutely stop by this market, otherwise you should go anyway to grab some of the best quality goodies. Especially for presents for people back home, the olive oil would make a perfect gift.


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