Dan Brown’s Inferno (Trying something new)

This past semester has ended with nothing exciting to speak of, I am going home to the States at the end of this week and I was trying to think of some things I could publish. I have been reading a lot so I decided to switch it up a bit and try out some new things writing wise. I have been reading a lot and i decided to share with you why you really shouldn’t buy or bother with Dan Browns new novel….

Dan Brown’s latest Robert Langdon “mystery thriller”, takes place for the most part in Florence. It is again another puzzle with clues hidden in old sources, . But this time they have no real connection to Dante, they are simply clues left by a modern madman who is obsessed with Dante. The main plot is that there is a very rich man who wants to release a plague in order to cut the population, as human population is growing at an exceeding rate and destroying our earth. Robert Langdon, being the highly qualified man that he is gets pulled into figuring out the madman puzzle and saving the world,


Robert Langdon awakes in Florence in a hospital with no memory of how he got there, and immediately a chase scene begins where he and his Doctor, Sienna Brooks, must escape two groups of people attempting to capture, and potentially kill them. From then on it is just a chase scene all the way till the end of the book. 

The book switches point’s of view every few pages, or chapters, from Robert, to flashback scenes, to the head of the secret society Dan Brown chose to include in this book, to the head of both groups trying to capture Langdon and various other characters. Not one characters thought process lasts more than 2 or 3 pages. 

I don’t want to give away too many details in case you do choose to read the book, however I will mention the only interesting part of the book is quite a twist near the end of the book, it will catch you off guard, but yet doesn’t add up.

The book is written as a movie, simply a long chase scene, with constant action and no real explanation for anything. It is also a complete advertisement for Florence, naming museum’s hours, companies for attractions, specific bars, and not to mention The Great Alitalia (if you have ever flown Alitalia this mention of them will make you laugh, acting like a great rich professor with connections would ever fly them). Robert Langdons thoughts often go off topic for as long as a page to go indepth on his personal opinions about various bars, or museums, art or artists. It is quite factual however, I don’t read a novel to hear about these opinions, if Dan Brown wanted to share his opinions on art he could start a blog himself. 

Of course my opinion could be skewed a bit, as I really did not like Florence, and in this book it is described as the greatest place on earth. 

The truth is if you are looking for a mindless book just to take time for vacation, or a long trip, it’s not that bad, you can finish it quickly. But I wouldn’t spend the money on it, try just to borrow it from a friend, or even better wait for the movie as I am sure one will be coming out. Also if you do read this book, please know that all opinions of artists and art pieces come from Dan Brown, and you should probably go research the pieces before forming opinion.

If you have read this book, or are reading it let me know! I would love to hear others opinions!


What do you think?

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