Goals for 2014!

I don’t much like the word resolution, but goals sounds better. Especially because a resolution there seems to be no direct achievement, more of a change which some may or may not acknowledge. But a goal has a set achievement, which then makes you feel better and accomplished, it gives you something to cross off a list.

So for this year I came up with a few goals and travel spots I would like to cross off my list.


  • Perfect Italian enough to have a whole conversation (with someone other than my teacher or boyfriend)
  • Be able to speak enough simple Arabic to order, have a small talk conversation (hello, how are you, what did you do today etc.) With the hope to do more than this.
  • Get my CELTA
  • Come up with a final idea for my Capstone.
  • Try a Persimmon (I always point them out in the grocery store and wonder about them, so I want to try!)

Books to Read

  • Candide (Well, finish it!)
  • The Illiad & The Odyssey
  • The Rosie Project

Places to Visit!

  • Alexandria (not to mention, Cairo for a second time!)
  • Venice( in March!)
  • Paris
  • Spain

Of course I have plans to do much more travelling but I am not so sure where to!


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