In love with the Nikon D5300, and Italian Breakfast

In love with the Nikon D5300, and Italian Breakfast

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As well as this coffee.
I just got the new Nikon D5300 for Christmas (in RED!) and it is my favorite thing in the world. I have finally figured out manual shooting which also opened a whole new world for me. ( If you are looking more into manual, or need more help with it, this website is the best: I am so excited to be back and Rome and start getting some much better quality photos!

This delicious breakfast you see is cafe ginseng and cornetto with cream, because all you need for breakfast here is a shot of caffeine and sugar high. But truly if your hotel or host family has been giving you juice and bread with jam, you need to get out and experience this. If your new to this Italian breakfast ordering situation, which can be intimidating at first, I suggest starting with just a cappuccino, or espresso and point to whatever pastry in the window looks good. Also though the chocolate ones may look the best, you will crash of a sugar high in about 5 minutes.


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  1. YES! Sì, e che bella colazione è. The perfect start of many a day for me in Rome was just such a breakfast. There simply is no other way to go! It is no my usual here in San Francisco each morning.
    Congratulation on your new favorite thing in the world!


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