What’s new in Spring

Our Spring 2014 semester begins on Monday, it wasn’t much of a relaxing vacation, due to the fact as soon as I came back to Italy I had to renew my Passport and babysit non stop. But I am looking forward to this new semester! First of all with my new camera I am so excited to wander Rome more and more and get some good shots, as well as travel to Venice, Assisi and return to Torino! So far I have no trips planned outside of Italy (except the hope to return to Egypt, and maybe Budapest….) but we will see.

This semester I am branching off out of Roman Archaeology and Roman Renaissance Art to look at the Archaeology of Food: the scientific side of what they ate and cooked in ancient time, how they did it and how we know. I will also be studying Venice in the Renaissance which I am so excited for because I really know nothing about Northern Italian history. Finally I am taking a religion course on the sanctity of life, where we will be looking at both Gilgamesh and The Inferno. Mainly I am excited because it gives me another chance to study the Inferno! I hope these classes will be different from what I have been focused on the last two years!

Finally some pretty exciting news for Resident students: we finally have free gym access!

I am often even more nervous to go to the gym in Italy because I worry about language barriers and not knowing anyone. Back in the States I worked at our local gym and new everyone who worked there as well as most of the people working out. So the first time I joined a gym it was a little weird, but I always went with a friend, we worked out together but never had the courage to take a class. This new gym also took some getting used to, and they have many classes but I was still to scared to take one. But I made myself so proud this week, I finally decided to do one of the strength classes on my own, and I surprised myself even more when I managed to talk to 4 people in Italian while there. It’s such a silly little thing but both things were really out of my comfort zone normally so it felt great afterwards!


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