E’ tempo di caffè


But isn’t it always? In fact I am making a cappuccino as I type, because yes I am one of those girls whos social media feeds are entirely composed of arty coffee images, and who will make coffee at least 3 times a day. I’d like to say I am not addicted because I have never had a headache and that makes coffee sound bad. In reality it is the greatest thing on earth.

Here in Italy I love coffee sometimes to just give me that buzz to survive a 9AM onsite, but mostly I love it because coffee gives me an excuse to take a break. It’s the best way to relax and have a moment to myself, or a moment to enjoy a friend’s company and catch up. Since I have had to start thinking of thesis topics and post grad options, coffee has become my escape.

Many people say Italians are all about the quick bar coffee culture. Just get it and go. This is true if they are working or on their own, but really if they are standing they will always take the time to catch up with the barista or a friend in the bar. It just so happens that for sitting we are charged more so it’s a special treat to sit in the sun and have a coffee.

I took this photo while taking a break with With Love From Roma, who will post more photos of the Roman afternoon soon!
Buon weekend!


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