A day at Ballarò


The Ballarò Market of Palermo is quite a sight, filled with beautiful fruits and vegetables, but turn around and their are tables lined with squids and full fish.

This food market has much to offer and was one of my favorite adventures in Palermo. Every vendor yells out in a deep voice what they are selling, sometimes the deep shout comes from a boy who looks no older than 13.

We found the most delicious fresh strawberries, along with lemons, oranges and olives, all that were then wrapped up in newspaper for us to take as our lunch. The market neighbourhood reminded me a lot of Old Cairo it was just as if the mosques had been replaced with Churches, but it was very similar.

All around were men shucking artichokes and keeping water on the fish, many would ask for a photo as I walked by (it’s hard to miss a large shiny red Nikon DSLR). It was hard not to buy all the food they had to offer as everything looked so much more fresh and cheap even then what we have up here in Rome.



The market is all food, but even if you think you’ll be eating out while in Palermo, take a walk around and grab some wonderful fruit as a snack, it will balance out all the Cannollis!





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  1. Reblogged this on Thoughts of Kat Canfield and commented:
    I was very impressed with the markets in Italy on my trip a few months ago. Yes, these pictures are what you can expect to see there. I wish I could add a few of my own pictures to this post. I thought people would think it weird to take pictures of the beautiful fruits and vegetables but I guess not! I will share some of mine later. Thanks for these, Roma e Amore, I love your blog.


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