Throwback Thursday





I came across my old documents in Google Drive, and found my old photos I used for a final portfolio in my High School photography class.  It is so amazing to see how much I have improved, for starters I have done much less editing which I am happy about. Most of these evencame from my last trip to Rome before I came for school.

b&w leaves



This however if from Middlebury, we all needed a movement photo and this became the go to pose.



The photo above is one of my favorites, it is just so cute. Also fun fact, there used to be a man standing in the center, I spent hours getting rid of the figure.





 What high school photographer would I be without a black and white photo of a dandelion?

Image Image


Cloudy Day


Pigeon pillarsoflife Resting Roman Rose

When making everything but one item black and white was the coolest possible thing.Standing




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