A Fruit Stand In Venezia

A Fruit Stand In  Venezia

Everything in Venice lives up to their “Myth of Venice” image, even the fruit stands. In Rome we have piles of plastic boxes filled with fruit, but it is all cheap, fresh and delicious, who cares how it is stacked?

In Venice it is neatly arranged below an awning and a beautiful porch from the building above. It is set directly at the end of a long alley, becoming a shining light in the winding dark alleys of Venice. And when you reach it to one side you have the canal with gondolas waiting, and another quaint little bridge. To the other side you have an open piazza filled with people settling into their spritz at every hour of the day.

It sure was beautiful, except for the fact the fruit was set at Venetian prices as well.

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    1. I have only been this once, but from what I get it is busy always! I think Carnivale would just be most fun because there is so much going on. I am hoping to see it one year! It is a small island but can get so packed!

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