Vatican Museum Morning

Roma e Amore is coming back, just with less Rome

Where have I been?

Wow, it has been a few years, but I am back, I re-found this blog and have decided I would like to get back to it!

So here is my update:

After graduating in May 2015, I traveled to Matera and Elba  before starting work at the EXPO Milano 2015. At EXPO, I served as a Student Ambassador at the USA Pavilion. IMG_20150730_095110Expo was an unforgettable experience, I met some of the greatest friends of my life, and had the opportunity to learn so much.  It was a tough three months, we weren’t so happy all the time; 90 degree weather in Brooks Brothers wool blazers was not the greatest, we lived outside the city and transport was tough, but looking back I am so happy with every day spent there. This was also the first time I lived a longer time outside of Rome, before going I was so scared how it was going to be, leaving a place I felt really comfortable in and everyone I knew. While I wasn’t a fan of Milan at the beginning, the friends I made at Expo made it an incredible time, and the city did have its highlights (Sushi, lots of sushi).



After EXPO, I decided to finally get my TEFL certification, and continue adventuring a little, so I tried a new city. I moved to Florence for a month and did an intensive course. This helped me out a lot, as I was able to stay in Italy, and thankfully was then able to spend a year working teaching English back in Rome.

Florence Cathedral Duomo

Cathedral of Florence: Santa Maria del Fiore

But, as I kept working, I realized teaching wasn’t really what I wanted to keep doing forever, and wanted to get back on the track of cultural heritage. I started thinking about a Masters and finally decided to apply to two, still in Italy. I was accepted to both GIOCA at the University of Bologna, and MAMA at SDA Bocconi.

In the end, I chose the Master of Arts Management and Administration at SDA Bocconi, as much as I wanted to spend two years in another new city, I thought Milan deserved another chance, and Milan seemed to have a better opportunity with internships and further job opportunities.

The year at Bocconi was filled with adventures,

Quirinale Window
View from inside the Quirinale

we met such incredible professionals and visited institutions all around Italy (my favorite happened to be the Antinori family and visiting their Cantina). We traveled to Chiusi in Tuscany and presented our advice to revamp the towns cultural offering and fundraise for their museums. We were able to visit beautiful FAI properties, such as Villa Panza and Villa Balbianello. Then our whole class took a trip around Italy to meet with institutions in person and see how they are changing cultural management practices. We started with Venice: The Biennale, and La Fenice; The Certosa di Padula; Paestum; Napoli: Certosa San Martino, and Capella San Severo; Florence:  Galleria Accademia and Grande Museo del Duomo; Finally, Rome: Villa Medici, The Quirnale and the highlight, a day of private tours of the Vatican Museums, where we even saw the Sistine Chapel before opening hours!


Vatican Museum Morning

The Vatican Museums at 6:30 in the morning,

Sistine Chapel

The whole class at the Sistine Chapel

I personally in this year also finally got the chance to take a Sommelier course with ASPI, passing their two levels and am hoping to continue studying and take the sommelierIMG_20170508_200217 exam eventually! I also had quite a biking adventure (I never bike….) of 40km trip to Montepulciano…just for the wine. Visited Bolzano finally crossing another region off the list. I also successfully avoided ever entering La Scala for a year.  And finally got an internship I have been dreaming about: Museo Egizio!

Where am I headed?

So in just a few weeks I will move over there and I cannot wait for all the food, wine and adventures there will be (oh and work)!

But before I start sharing with you all the beauty of Piedmont, here is what you have to look forward to:

I will be finalizing an official guide to Rome: eating, drinking and what you can’t miss.

I will be headed back to Matera!

& marking another region of my list: Puglia! Headed to Bari and Polignano for Ferragosto, if you have any recommendations, be sure to let me know 😊


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