London, Further Adventures into the British Museum

Here is a fun fact: The British Museum only received about 12 million in donations 3 years ago, last year, that number was 44 million. There is what my thesis is based on, and why I traveled to finally visit the Museum I had always dreamed about. I will be honest, I was still picturing it a bit like the Museum in The Mummy, which it was not.  There is such an impressive collection, but nothing really follows a path, it seems to mixed, not leading a visitor down any chronological path (even the Cairo Museum does at least that). Maybe there is one, but it was not very clear (note: i didn’t bother to buy the guide to the museum so maybe I missed something). One of the most interesting rooms of the museum was The Enlightenment, this room leads you through the ideals and philosophies of the period of the Enlightenment, all in a long corridor like room which is decorated as a library and “Cabinet of Curiosities“, it really is amazing, but unfortunately also dark, so I have no pictures.

British Museum Roof Assyrian British Museum London Assyrian Religion London British Museum British Museum Asia 149


I only managed to visit one other museum which was The National Gallery. However, after hearing rumors they have attempted to cut their staff, they also closed more than half the halls due to “lack of staff”, as the staff has since gone on strike. I missed the impressionists, but at least caught the famous Van Eyck.


London, The First Day: Covenant Garden

It may be a little late, but if you didn’t know, last week I went to London. I never planned on going, I have never really wanted to. But I went for my thesis (which will be on the marketing and finances of the British Museum), and found out I actually really liked it! Love is too strong a word for someone who was raised by a politically active, Sinn Fein, Irish American mother, so lets stick with really like.

Covnant Garden Food

Althoughit was cold, I managed quite a bit of exploring, my favorite spot being Covenant Garden by far. I found I loved being in a city that functioned, unlike Rome, but of course after 3 days I did miss my old city.

London Telephone Booth Vespa in London Corner Double Decker Bus in London Golden Eagle overlooking London Eye

The first day was spent learning to understand the tube (why can’t you all just call it the metro, like everyone else) and finding Shake Shack, as our goal with trip was to try all the food we can never get in Italy. The only thing that was disappointing was the 6 pounds for a small burger… go ahead and put that into a conversion, it will make you cry.

Shake Shack then turned into all the amazing food in Covenant Garden, and a walk over to Big Ben, and an attempt at Westminster Abbey.

Big Ben London Big Ben and London Eye Westminster Abbey, London

I was most excited to see Westminster Abbey, as I find it hard to visit any country without going into any church, and well this is the church of London. Unfortunately it costs 20 pounds to see the inside. Yep, 20 pounds… I will convert that for you 30.80 USD, per person, for a church. For a country that gives access to free culture through museums, apparently churches didn’t make that deal. I may be a bit spoiled though, being in Rome, where all churches (and water) is free. The fact that I didn’t get to see this church was probably my biggest regret of the trip, but I am a student and was not about to hand that money over. The outside though is absolutely stunning.

Note on photos: I decided only to bring my 35mm lens and was so happy with the results, I shot entirely in Manual for the first trip ever and I have never been prouder of my photos!

People Watching in Florence






I have found I love using people in photography since shooting for WLFR, I also just love to people watch. This past weekend I went up to Florence to do a shoot with two friends. I was able to get some amazing shots (more to come on flickr), and also finally visit the Uffizi. I started a whole set of photos of people looking at the Birth of Venus, however this was the only one that came out well. I must say after this trip through Florence I did enjoy it much more.  I hope to do a lot more of these photoshoots soon!

Venice Collection

I have many photos of Venice, so I put together a little gallery! In Rome finals are just finishing up and I have been a little too busy to go out and do anything, but I will have new adventures soon I am sure!

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Throwback Thursday





I came across my old documents in Google Drive, and found my old photos I used for a final portfolio in my High School photography class.  It is so amazing to see how much I have improved, for starters I have done much less editing which I am happy about. Most of these evencame from my last trip to Rome before I came for school.

b&w leaves



This however if from Middlebury, we all needed a movement photo and this became the go to pose.



The photo above is one of my favorites, it is just so cute. Also fun fact, there used to be a man standing in the center, I spent hours getting rid of the figure.





 What high school photographer would I be without a black and white photo of a dandelion?

Image Image


Cloudy Day


Pigeon pillarsoflife Resting Roman Rose

When making everything but one item black and white was the coolest possible thing.Standing




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E’ tempo di caffè


But isn’t it always? In fact I am making a cappuccino as I type, because yes I am one of those girls whos social media feeds are entirely composed of arty coffee images, and who will make coffee at least 3 times a day. I’d like to say I am not addicted because I have never had a headache and that makes coffee sound bad. In reality it is the greatest thing on earth.

Here in Italy I love coffee sometimes to just give me that buzz to survive a 9AM onsite, but mostly I love it because coffee gives me an excuse to take a break. It’s the best way to relax and have a moment to myself, or a moment to enjoy a friend’s company and catch up. Since I have had to start thinking of thesis topics and post grad options, coffee has become my escape.

Many people say Italians are all about the quick bar coffee culture. Just get it and go. This is true if they are working or on their own, but really if they are standing they will always take the time to catch up with the barista or a friend in the bar. It just so happens that for sitting we are charged more so it’s a special treat to sit in the sun and have a coffee.

I took this photo while taking a break with With Love From Roma, who will post more photos of the Roman afternoon soon!
Buon weekend!

Raining in Rome

Raining in Rome

The last few days have been horrible rain again here in Rome, But at least I was able to take my camera out and grab a few shots for my friends blog as well as myself! I took this while waiting in the rain for my bus just beside Teatro Marcello.
I just hope it is sunny this weekend up in Torino!

Clouds over Barberini

Clouds over Barberini

(Click to enlarge.)
The clouds breakng over Piazza Barberini. Piazza Barberini is a 16th century square however the fountain shown here, named the Triton Fountain was done by Bernini in 1642.

The square is named Barberini for the Palace of the Barberini family located around the corner.


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