Avoiding the Vatican Museums

The last Sunday of every month, the Vatican Museums are free, if you are planning a trip on a budget you might want to think about that. But, there is also no limit to the amount of people going in. So while you may be able to get in, passing through the line which reaches all the way to Colonnade, after only a 40 minute wait, the museum will be so packed you really won’t be able to see much. Instead, I just waited for our students to be done, but had a look around the Vatican City while waiting. Carabinieri Vatican Capes Vatican Street Black and white Vatican Street Peek into Saint Peter's 026


Shooting with Old Lenses.

Shooting with Old Lenses.

I took some of my Dad’s old lenses while I was home and this is one of the few good results. Turns out my eyes do not know how to focus, so while something looked great through the viewfinder, it was a blurry mess once loaded.

Here is a balcony in Piazza Navona, and my attempt to capture this photogenic man. I also have finally decided to sell postcards of my photos and will probably start doing so in the Summer.